Screenshot of The Stream. (That is Ahmed)

Ahmed Farah, one of the co-founders of this project, was on Al Jazeera English’s The Stream on July 27th 2011. It was briefly mentioned in our earlier blog posting, but we felt it was important enough that it merited its own post. For those who don’t know, the show The Stream is an amazing concept, where stories are sourced from social media and viewers can ask questions in real time to any of the guests. Also guests are both in the studio and SKYPE IN.

Ahmed Skyped in from Nairobi, and at times the connection was difficult. Ahmed, having worked for several years ON THE GROUND in Dadaab Refugee camp is very passionate about the issue. In fact he went so far as to use a swear word on LIVE TV! It was intense. But it shows the passionate anger that he, and many of us on the team share. And we couldn’t stand by and do nothing anymore. We had to step up, not just film and bring awareness, but real help on the ground.

To see the video of the show click here

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