Somali Refugees sleeping out in the open as travel to Dadaab refugee Camp.

28 July 2011

Hot Sun Foundation & Global Somali Emergency Response is delighted with the response to date from many many people around the world – 258 so far and climbing. Thanks to all of you, we are over half way to our initial goal of $25,000 USD for the Survival Backpacks for Somali Refugees.

Here is an FAQ on how donations will be used.

Q: Are donations going into Survival Backpacks or is some for the documentation part of the project?

A: All donations go into the Survival Backpacks. The documentation is funded by the filmmaker volunteers. They are doing reports for blogs, and developing a documentary to share the stories of the Somali refugees with all who are interested. So it’s a synergy.

Q: How are logistics or Survival Backpacks funded, i.e purchase, packing, transport and distribution?

A: Currently Hot Sun Foundation and its Somali filmmaker partners are absorbing the costs of personnel and infrastructure for purchase, packing, transport and distribution. We are also able to do this because Hot Sun Foundation has existing infrastructure in Nairobi. To cover logistics and personnel costs, we are basically doing it in addition to everything else we do.

Q: Why a backpack?

A: We are trying to fill a big gap in help that is needed. Many Refugees are WALKING over 60KM from border from Somalia into Kenya to get to the refugee camps in Dadaab. And most have very little.  The thing is we want to give what they can’t get elsewhere. What will help people survive on the long trek to Dadaab by foot.. and then also serve them for a long time to come as they are in the camps.

But we’ve also been, our own dime and through family &  friend support, been distributing water, basic food items, etc along the way. We don’t deny people whatever support we can give. Though we are trying to give medium to longer term support by giving refugees the backpacks which should serve them for sometime to come.

Q: Are there any other overhead costs?

A: Yes, Global Giving has a set percentage of 15% for the work they do. Bank transfer and other fixed costs use another 3%.

The rest goes to buy Survival Backpacks. The backpacks and contents cost $20 each. We are trying to get discounts from Nairobi suppliers.

Q: What is in the backpack?

A: The package includes:

(1) backpack or similar

(1) blanket

(1) shoes or sandles

(1) canteen for water.


Here was the reply from one of our supporters on facebook: Thanks, that’s what I appreciate as transparency! Will add my $25 when I get home on the weekend. Good luck with & many blessings for this project!

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