July 28th 2011 UPDATE

As our team builds up across the globe… new avenues of support are coming in.

What we are doing now

1- working on outreach, constantly. Not just for funds but for awareness. We’ve been on TV. We are now showing our rough cut of “Dadaab: Get there or Die Trying” through student organizations and Somali organizations around the world. If interested to host screening please email info (at) hotsunfoundation (dot) org

2- New partnerships. We are working with groups in UK and are pleased to welcome Aspire2Lead  from Toronto as a partner. They will be screening “Dadaab: Get there or Die Trying” and help raise funds.

3- Building up logistics, PR team for next travels. Lots of co-ordination on a local scale in Nairobi, and globally for getting PR and resources.

4- Made contacts with Australian High Commission in Nairobi about possible support.

5- Building a global network Somali and global YOUTH support from people from all walks of life / religion / background. The cause matters most. We want to work together, as they say in Kenya ‘Pamoja’.

6- Online fundraising through Global Giving site to check out, click here

We welcome you to to join on the team. Please email info (at) hotsunfoundation (dot) org if interested.

update info from Deeq M. Afrika Nathan Collett, Pamela Collett