July 29th 2011 UPDATE

Outreach and Fundraising

New film screenings planned for “Dadaab: get there or die trying,”  fundraising in UK, Australia, and online fundraising continues. So far raised $14,849 USD online!

Our Team

Wow so much energy and excitement brewing… and all of us have other ‘jobs’ some are journalists, teachers, students, writers, filmmakers… yet we are so energized by the opportunity to, save lives. To achieve something amazing for others, and to test ourselves in service.

Media & Future Plans

We’ve had some media inquiries from the usual suspects, and at times, it consumes alot of energy following up with them. For now.. I think we will be in touch, but the most important thing is to keep building our plans. We have some very exciting, challenge, dare we say it, revolutionary ideas on how to raise awareness and bring REAL help to the refugees who travel from the border to Dadaab.

Stay tuned!

We welcome you to to join on the team. Please email info (at) hotsunfoundation (dot) org if interested.

Be blessed.

-Hot Sun Foundation and Global Somali Emergency Response