Media attention is focusing on Somali refugees arriving at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. Thousands of people, mostly women and children have walked for days, even weeks and arrive at Dadaab with nothing. Somali filmmakers, working in Dadaab for the past two years, will supply Survival Backpacks for immediate interim assistance to recently-arrived refugees. As members of the Somali community, they are well qualified to assist. Hot Sun Foundation is providing logistical and documentation support.

Project Message

Many international news agencies have been reporting on ‘Dadaab Refugee camp’ but our plan is to go further inside and report back to the world. We will ensure your support reaches people in need.
Ahmed Farah , Filmmaker and Project Co-Coordinator

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Somalis are fleeing the worst drought in 60 years. Thousands arrive daily at Dadaab refugee camp Kenya, overwhelming available resources. The Somalis, mainly women and children, have walked for days, even weeks, and arrive with nothing. International aid is on its way, but with over 1500 people arriving daily at Dadaab, they need immediate interim assistance, including blankets, canteens for water and shoes to complement food and water aid.

How will this project solve this problem?

Somali filmmaker, Ahmed Farah, who has documented the life of Somali refugees for several years, with Abdisalaan Aato and Deeq Afrika will take Survival Backpacks to Dadaab. The Survival Backpacks will include a blanket: for temporary shelter, a water flask: few have containers for water, and shoes: most are barefoot (shoes destroyed after walking for days). They will report on the situation on video and photos to show you the impact of your assistance. Multiple trips will be made as required.

Potential Long Term Impact

Survival Backpacks will provide needed basics for Somali refugees who arrive at Dadaab with nothing. Even more powerful will be the effect of Survival Backpacks being distributed by Somali filmmakers, who have been working with refugees at Dadaab. Somalis will have a chance to tell their stories about what is happening both in Somalia and at Dadaab on video and through photos, giving all of us a unique opportunity to learn what is happening and see the impact of our assistance.


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